The Starter Duo

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The Starter Duo


The Starter Duo (1 Tea Bag, 1 2lb Compost)

Wish you hand a green thumb? We can help. Try this dynamic duo and stand back in awe. 

It contains our Premium Compost Tea Bags along with a 2lb. bag of our Premium Compost. Everything you need to see your plants really perk up.

Full Cycle Organics Premium Compost products promote healthier, more active plants and soil when applied consistently. It is ideal for use on all indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, shrubs, and trees — from seedling starting to transplanting, to top dressing rooted plants and watering. 

First, follow the directions for seedlings, transplanting or top dressing using our 100% Premium Organic Compost. Then follow up with consistent watering using our Premium Compost Tea Bags to make your watering tea. You'll see your plants grow bigger, lusher, and stronger.


For Seedlings: Mix approximately 25% by volume of compost into planting soil.*

For Transplanting: Mix approximately 25% by volume of compost into the soil where planting. Top dress soil around plant with approximately 1/8" layer compost, mix in lightly.*

For Top Dressing (existing plants, shrubs and trees): Mix approximately 1/2" layer of compost into top layer of soil around existing plants and root zone.*

*In all instances, water as needed with Premium Compost Tea

One tea bag makes up to 5 gallons of Premium Tea. Tea bags can be dried and re-used until bags no longer discolor water. Discard contents of used tea bags into your planters or soil. Bags may be re-used by refilling with Full Cycle Organics Premium Compost. 

Tea Directions: Place tea bag in watering can or container. Let sit 12-24 hours, stirring occasionally. Apply directly onto root zone of plants or on leaves and flowers with watering can, sprayer or brush. Over-application not possible. 

Ingredients: food waste, garden waste, compostable service-ware, and miscellaneous carbon sources (cardboard, tree trimmings/chips, newspaper, unsoiled straw). Full material analysis available at



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