Food Waste Recycling

Cleveland, OH
Ohio EPA Class II Composting Facility

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Commercial Composting of Food and Other Organic Wastes


Tote Based Service:

  • Enhance your landfill diversion efforts
  • Totes for customer collection provided by Full Cycle
  • Regularly scheduled pick up and replacement of totes
  • Landfill diversion amounts tracked and reported

Accepting All Organic Wastes:

  • All food waste
  • Paper products
  • Cardboard
  • Wood products
  • Biodegradable servicewares

In-Vessel Composting:

  • All organic wastes accepted
  • Maximizes waste recycling
  • Reduces customer separating
  • Year round service and pick up of materials
  • Composting and service independent of weather

Pricing dependent on type and quantity of waste.

Full Cycle Mission

Our mission is to provide a food waste recycling service to assist in the expansion of your sustainability efforts. We transform food wastes into nutrient rich compost for sale to local growers. Our aim is to complete the local food cycle in the Greater Cleveland area.

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